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Arts and History
History Center - Genealogical Problem Solving
History Center  - Americana Showcase Concert
History Center - HERstory  Women in Politics

This page Features video from the History Center, The Arts Center, and The Veterans Round Table.
Arts Center - Music from Shattuck St Mary's Students

History Center - History Uncorked
Arts Center - Bathe in Sound with music from Altruit.  
Veterans Round Table
November 13th - Duel Potter talks about his duty with the US Coast Guard from 1960- 1967.
 Arts Center - Jazz at the Arts Center  Evan Christopher performs
Veterans Roundtable - December 11th   Al Smith - The Vietnam experience illustrated through original pencil drawings.  
History Center  - March 16th  Romantica

History Center
Six Mile Grove Concert

Veterans Round Table
March 12th - Pat Fagan  B-52 Control Operator
Veterans Roundtable
October 9th - David Wolf talks about his time in the Marines and Army
December 2nd - OHS Carolers at the Owatonna Arts Center
Veterans Roundtable - January 8th - Harley Goff   US Army Helicopter piolet in Viet Nam  
Veterans Roundtable - February 12th - Ross Leuning Served as a Navy JAG Lawyer and is now working with the Veterans Court