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Arts and History
History Center - Romantica
Arts Center
October  15th - A trial of Mankind narrated by Vincent Dixon and illustrated by Scott Nylund.    
History Center - Being Muslim in Minnesota
History Center  - Voting Rights  Yesterday to Today
History Center -  March 29th  - Girl's Rock: The Healing Power of Girlfriends

This page Features video from the History Center, The Arts Center, and The Veterans Round Table.
Owatonna Arts Center
February 25th - Lux String Quartet
History Center -  October 28th  Americana Showcase presents Chicago Farmer

Veterans Round Table
November 14th  - Jon McSweeney  Jon's 20 years Navy carreer covers 6 presidents, 4 US Navy ships and 5shore commands. 
Veterans Round Table
December 12th - Arlin LederTalks about his service as an Air Force flight statistician in the US and England in the 1950's
Veterans Round Table
January 9th - Darrel Michels talks about his time spent with the Army Security Agency as a radio teletype interceptor form 1961-1964.
Veterans Round Table
February 13th - Elmer Lamont describes WWII events as contained in the diary of Clem Shroeder.  
History Center  - History Uncorked  - Murder by the Straight River
Veterans Round Table
​Otto Strelow speaks about his flee to the west from Prussia/Warsaw as 8 year old child.
Owatonna Arts Center
March 13th  - Half and Half   Living as a Chinese American in Minnesota.
History Center -  April 5th  - Driver Meets the Road

Veterans Round Table
​Jim Baumert talks about his service including 22 month in Iraq.