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Arts and History
Arts Center - The Bad Tangerines
Arts Center
October  15th - A trial of Mankind narrated by Vincent Dixon and illustrated by Scott Nylund.    
History Center - Being Muslim in Minnesota
History Center  - History Uncorked  - The Blair Murder Case
History Center - The Gainey Experience: The Life and Leadership of Daniel C. Gainey presented by Jackie Anderson Glenny.

History Center
Life in the Trenches presented by Mike Eckers
This page Features video from the History Center, The Arts Center, and The Veterans Round Table.
History Center
July 20th - Auto and Road Roundtable
History Center
July 30th - Jazz Jam on the Patio
Veterans Round Table
September 12th - Richard Thunstedt   Navy radioman from 1942-1946 aboard the USS Salt Lake City.
Veterans Round Table
October 10th - Darlene Witthane  Talks about her duty and experiences as a disc jockey from 1972 to 1974.  
History Center -  October 12th Roads and Bridges Roundtable

History Center -  October 28th  Americana Showcase presents Chicago Farmer

Veterans Round Table
November 14th  - Jon McSweeney  Jon's 20 years Navy carreer covers 6 presidents, 4 US Navy ships and 5shore commands. 
Veterans Round Table
December 12th - Arlin LederTalks about his service as an Air Force flight statistician in the US and England in the 1950's
Veterans Round Table
January 9th - Darrel Michels talks about his time spent with the Army Security Agency as a radio teletype interceptor form 1961-1964.
Veterans Round Table
February 13th - Elmer Lamont describes WWII events as contained in the diary of Clem Schroeder.