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Arts and History
History Center - Romantica
Owatonna Arts Center - Shattuck - St Mary's Pre-Conservatory Program Recital
History Center  - Voting Rights  Yesterday to Today
History Center -  March 29th  - Girl's Rock: The Healing Power of Girlfriends

This page Features video from the History Center, The Arts Center, and The Veterans Round Table.
History Center 
Americana Concert - Weep & Willow and The Dovetails
Arts Center - Thursday Musical featuring Cellist Lindsay Schlemmer and Salam Murtada on the piano.

Arts Center - Light 45
Owatonna Arts Center - An Afternoon with Abigail
Veterans Round Table
May 8th - Melonie Shipman provided insight about Japanese installations in and around Alaska during WWII
History Center  
WWII Battle Field Medicine presented by Michael Eckers
Veterans Roundtable - June 12th Dave Abernathy talks about his service in the 86th Blackhawk artillery division in WWII.
Owatonna Arts Center
March 13th  - Half and Half   Living as a Chinese American in Minnesota.
History Center -  April 5th  - Driver Meets the Road

Veterans Round Table
​Jim Baumert talks about his service including 22 month in Iraq.
History Center -  April 26th - The Immigrant Law of Minnesota 100 Years of Immigration – Dreamers from WWI to Today 

History Center -  May 3rd - Steele County in the Civil War presented by Barry Adams