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April 26th - Doug Meier, Beckie Von Ruden and Andrew Jackson

May 3rd - Jason Williamson, Scott Benz and Mark Langlois
May 10th - Pam Raichle, Dale Benjamin and Tony Schwictenberg
May 17th - Marc Achterkrich, Merlin Kath  and Larry Kriesel
May 24th - Brian Raichle, Pat Hager and Kelly Johnson
March 8th - Parker Holton, Rolf Olson and Breck Henderson
March 15th - Linnea Wayne, Tim Hunst and Parker Westphal
March 22nd - Zach Sencer, Sarah Hunst and Rebecca Olson
March 29th - Kayla Crawford, David Lassahn and Ben Sutcliffe
April 5th - Jason Williamson, David Lassahn and Ben Sutcliffe
April 12th - Nate Gendron, Rich Williamson and Cael Kavitz
April 19th - Chad Nelson, Darren Wagner and CW Wolfe